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Class Description

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Class Descriptions

Beginner- This class will focus on basic tumbling skills.  Basic tumbling includes:  forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, tick tocks, front limbers, back-bend and drills leading up to a back-handspring. 

Level 1 - The basics will continued to be stressed throughout this class, as well as standing back-handsprings, and round-off back-handspring.

Level 2 - Skills from level 1 will continue to be stressed, as well as series of standing back-handsprings, round-off back-handspring series, front walkovers.

Level 2 Advanced - Skills from Level 2 will continued to be stressed as well as, toe touch back handsprings, and specialty passes utilizing front handsprings.

Level 3 - Skills from Level 2 Advanced will continued to be stressed as well as, back-tucks, round-off back handspring back-tuck and series to back-tuck and punch fronts.

Level 4/5- Continuations of all skills will be stressed as well as layouts, tumbling out of fronts, toe touch backs, fulls, double fulls, Arabians and other alternate passes.

Privates- This is one on one coaching for 30 minutes.  Coaches will suggest is a private is needed.  Private lessons must be paid in advance to reserve your spot.  If you wish to cancel your private or make any changes to time slot, contact the coach directly at least 24 hours beforehand.  If you fail to do so you forfeit you lesson.  If the lesson was paid on time and cancellation was on time, a credit will be given for that class.  Please make private payments to your coach.